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Project Directors and/or Project Managers

We help our clients bypass delays and missteps that are frequently experienced during Implementations. Huntzinger’s consultant base is experienced, certified and battle tested with deep knowledge of key vendor applications, vendor implementation methodologies and the “bigger picture” of complete workflow processes. Problems cannot be solved if there are boundaries to an inter-application functionality, lack of workflow knowledge or other “black holes” to traverse. We provide resources who can project manage, perform business analysis, assess and facilitate workflow design, build, test or train. Our resources can do the actual work or they can set the necessary strategies to get the work done as well.

  • Deep application and technical expertise and experience in diverse platforms
  • Comprehensive implementation and go-live planning
  • Project management that keeps your efforts on track, on budget
  • Effective integration of processes with technology
  • Thorough change management to optimize system effectiveness

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Project Directors and/or Managers

Project Directors and/or Managers

Project management that keeps your efforts on track, on budget.

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